The OGM Plant universe, adhering to its eco-sustainable lifestyle, promotes accessories that mix animal and plant worlds with iconic forms of the modern society.

In this world, unique and inimitable creatures are born, which take on surreal and highly symbolic features.

The a Made In Italy  accessories in recycled steel expresses in the various collections a visionary and archetypal soul, which wants to abstract itself from gender categorizations. OGM Plant jewels want to go beyond the concept of appearance by  reaching the soul of ones personality, which can express itself freely and respecting the nature.


The Primal accessories collection uses totemic symbols to express an unconventional personality with a dreamy soul. This collection has an elegant and primitive spirit. Its inspiration is the prehistoric paintings, ancestral drawings, the DNA of the whole humanity that in different continents has expressed itself through primitive symbols, that are still strongly present and current. The Primal Collection is a system of signs, based on stylized geometric elements that create abstract and archetypal forms.


The Cosmogonic accessories collection touches the root of the origin of the universe. In the cauldron of the primordial edge a random mix created the living beings we know today. Similarly in the world of OGM Plant’s Cosmogonic collection the fauna and flora join the elements of the world of men giving life to unique and dreamlike beings. Surreal hybrids with a stylized design that arise from the poetic and visionary desire to ennoble the scrape of aluminum materials giving it new life. Each two-dimensional piece expresses a different feeling by populating a reality that manifests itself only in dreams.


The OGM Plant Logo face masquerades itself as human and totemic characters. The Selfie collection wants to underline the importance of recognizing oneself in different characters whom, in a purely Pirandellian way, can be worn differently every day. Each figure tells a story through the distinctive imaginative poetry of the brand. Dressing a mask that is not a cover, but a symbol of one's daily emotional state, a mask to force oneself on a difficult day, a mask to externalize the most intimate parts within us, while always remaining true to oneself. Pirandello's motto "I am the one you like" becomes OGM Plant "I am who I want to be!" In a strong affirmation of personality and lifestyle.


The Iconic collection accessories puts on stage the pop and contemporary icons at the base of modern society. Beyond appearances, the OGM Plant collection wants to expand the limits of what is simply worn by representing the human feelings and moving away from the concept of appearance. Iconic forms talks about human reality, our everyday life, the symbols of the contemporary world, extracting them from any gender categorization.


Space Oddities - Worlds Far Away is the new OGM Plant collection based on the space theme. In the 50 anniversary of the first moon landing of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, the OGM Plant accessories collection wants to celebrated the space, the moon, Saturn and its rings, the visionary music of David Bowie and all the great science fiction that makes people dream of very distant worlds and Space Oddities. The jewels in recycled aluminum and totally Made in Italy are always more elegant with an unconventional taste that characterize the whole universe OGM Plant.

Travel with us in hyperspace.